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About us

  • EDCG-Informatica is an IT services company that provides consulting and comprehensive software solutions to foreign and Romanian companies

  • We are implementing state-of-the art software solutions and provide integration services to the business community in an effort to maximize its potential

  • We help businesses identify how the Internet can be used for their competitive advantage; then use our expertise in creative design and systems engineering to help our clients to take advantage of this opportunity - fast and cost effective.

  • EDCG - Informatica SRL is inheriting (1998) the software division of the company set up in 1990 as EDCG - Electronic Design & Consulting Group SRL supplying from start its well known traditional reliable complete software services (distribution, development, maintenance) in the following areas:
  • real time
  • communications
  • computer aided design
  • GIS applications
  • Immediately after creation EDCG-Informatica developed its activity by broadening the offer to foreign and Roumanian customers for:
  • Outsourcing
  • Customer specific application development
  • Technical support
  • Personnel delegation
  • in several new software development areas as, for example:
  • database
  • internet/intranet, e-commerce.
  • The personnel of EDCG-Informatica acquired during its 10 years work in the software development business a big experience in working as a general contractor for Romanian and international projects, organizing new joint ventures, and even working with freelancers.

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    Joint Ventures
    Our staff acquired a big experience in cooperating with foreign and Romanian partners.

    We established at the end of 1990 a French-Romanian joint venture: EWIR - Est West Informatique Roumanie SRL for database (financial) application.

    In 1999 we established, in cooperation with the French company FS2I, a company involved in CAD application development for the construction industry. The company, called LOGITRAM Romania, was established using the PHARE JOP program.


    EDCG Informatica standardized its development procedures, testing and documents using as source papers IEEE/ANSI, ISO and SEI CMM standards.  

    The methods used are J. Rumbaugh’s OMT and UML


    Contact us

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    You can find us at:

    Software development office:
    Cluceru Sandu str. 2

    Tel. + 040 01 255 57 31
    Fax. + 040 01 255 57 32


    Business Model
    - Time and material - per project
    - Fixed price - small projects
    - Annual development teams (including team assembly and management)
    - Facility management


    Staff Back
    The Staff of EDCG-Informatica graduated from the "Politehnica" University Bucharest (Computer Sience & Automation, Electronic & Comunication Engineering departments) and from the Academy of Economic Science Bucharest - Department of Informatics.
    All staff members speak English, some of them speak French and/or German too.



  • MS Visual Studio
  • SL-GMS
  • Photon Aplication Builder WEB Servers
  • Microsoft IIS
  • Netscape
  • Apache
  • Operating systems
  • Windows 2000/NT
  • Windows 95/98/ME
  • Windows CE
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • OS/2
  • Computer Languages
  • Visual FoxPro
  • Visual Basic
  • Visual C,C++
  • Visual Java
  • Watcom C,C++
  • SQL
  • Delphi
  • Perl
  • Intranet/Internet techniques
  • JavaScript
  • VBScript
  • EJB
  • Java applets & servlets
  • CGI
  • ASP
  • Cold Fusion
  • WAP
  • Database
  • Xbase
  • Microsoft Access
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL

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