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QSSL is world leader in real time operating systems development.
Real time operating systems are mainly systems that solve external interrupt requests with a granted maximum time delay.


Operating System's Features:

- full compatibility with POSIX standard

- real multitasking

- priority-driven preemptive scheduling

- fast context switching

- Unix Like

Frequently used additional Tools for QNX:

bullet1.gif (122 bytes)   Photon - a real time Windows environment
bullet1.gif (122 bytes)  XWindows - TraditionalX-Windows environment for UNIX systems
bullet1.gif (122 bytes)  Watcom C/C++ - a C/C++ compiler with a enhanced features 
bullet1.gif (122 bytes)  PhAB - A CASE for Photon which works with Watcom C/C++ 
bullet1.gif (122 bytes)  Sybase SQL - database Server 
bullet1.gif (122 bytes)  QNX Window - Window environment specific for QNX
bullet1.gif (122 bytes)  TCP/ IP - contains Run Time and the entire set of library for applications development 
bullet1.gif (122 bytes)  IAT - Graphical set of Clients/Servers forInternet Services ( includes a set of library )


Click here to  Download a QNX application of EDCGi